Bitter Gourd Powder (Karela) Powder 100gm/3.52oz


Heals Ulcer:

Various studies reveal that bitter gourd is quite beneficial in treating various digestive and stomach disorders including constipation, intestinal worms and ulcers. Being a great source of dietary fibre, adding this vegetable to your daily diet improves bowel movements, soothes tummy and prevents the formation of stomach ulcers.

Boosts Liver Function:

Eating Karela as a subzi or stew will prove quite beneficiary for the liver. The antioxidants in the vegetable flush out the toxins and stimulate the secretion of bile acids, essential for various bodily functions like digestion to metabolizing fat.

Blood Purifier:

Karela is an instant blood purifier owing to its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Consume this amazing vegetable at least twice a week to stimulate blood circulation, clear infectants in the blood and flush out toxins. It also works on the metabolism by breaking the fat molecules, that could cause a healthy weight loss.

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Karela is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C, which are good for the skin. It reduces ageing and fights acne and skin blemishes. It is useful in treating various skin infections like ringworm, psoriasis, and itching. Karela juice adds lustre to the hair and combats dandruff, hair loss, and split-ends.

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