Wheat Grass Powder Cold Processed 75gm/2.64oz


  • GROWN IN INDIA – USDA Organic Wheat Grass Powder Premium Quality Organic Supplement
  • WHEATGRASS also called as ‘Sanjivani’ in Ayurveda around 80 elements are there which are most needed to human health. Wheatgrass is Antioxidants as well as blood purifier in nature.
  • WHEATGRASS also helps in medical conditions like Anemia, Constipation, Inflammation and Weight Loss.
  • HOW TO USE: 1 teaspoon twice a day with an empty stomach or as directed by physician. Take 1 organic spinach, 1 organic cucumber,1/2 organic apple chopped and add it into your juicer stir 1 teaspoon Sajeevan wheatgrass powder, lime and water into the juice.
  • Sajeevan guaranties 100 percent Satisfaction or Full refund on our Organic products.
  • Ingredients: Pure and fresh organic wheatgrass powder.

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Wheatgrass is the freshly sprouted first leaves of the common wheat plant, used as a food, drink, or dietary supplement. Wheatgrass is served freeze dried or fresh, and so it differs from wheat malt, which is convectively dried. Wheatgrass is allowed to grow longer and taller than wheat malt.

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